Apprentice New is the first word that comes to my mind when one says this word, Apprentice. An embryo just learning to connect all of it’s necessary cells to create fingers and toes, a nose and all it’s other life giving organs. An infant is learning to use all of it’s extremities to connect with his/her loved ones, with peek-a-boo, so big, patty cake and hugs. I want to reach for that toy and get over there where my Mommy is. I will learn to crawl and walk and he took my toy, how do I get it back? Do I really have to stay here at school? It looks like fun but I am afraid. She’s not coming back is she? Oh, O.K. I am so happy to see her! Reading, Math, Science, English, Spanish, Algebra, Literature, Calculus, for what; a Nurse, a Doctor, an Electrical Engineer, a Pilot, a Scientist, an Architect, a Soldier, a Marine Biologist, a Bus Driver, a Train Conductor, a Sales or Market Rep, a Retail Manager, a Mother, a Father? Oh, isn’t this where it all began? I guess this is what Apprentice means to me, New!

via Daily Prompt: Apprentice      New is the word that

I hope all are doing well, as best as possible, where ever you are. I know too well that many of you are suffering; in Syria, Drug/Sex Trafficing, Financial Stressors, Homeless, Un-expected Pregnancies, Physical/Emotional/Sexual Abuse Pain, and so much more. I once read “Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People”, by Rabbi Harold Kushner. He needed to understand why God would allow his son, an innocent precious baby, to be born with a disease that would make his body age so quickly, that when he died at a very young age, he looked like a little old man. Rabbi Kushner had a great Faith in God and came to believe God did not do this to his precious son. He believes God gave us a perfect world. We all know the story of Adam and Eve, right? We never met them, but is is very certain that much badness is going on in our world now, and why is God allowing it. I believe God continues to mourn everyday, about all this badness and we have to have Faith in His Wisdom. We have to step up to the plate, pray He gives us strength, and speak up, protest, write letters to our Legislators, pick a problem our passion calls us to, and do something about it. If Prayer is what you can best provide, it is known to be the most powerful weapon against the arsenol of in-humane weapons the enemy uses. Please, do something. Our Lord loves us, He wants to share all of His “TOYS” with us. Respect All of Life, Respect the Earth, Respect the Sky, the Air, the Water, and the Food we eat. They are Gifts from Him. He gave His Life for us. Is this too much to give in return? Have a Blessed Easter! God Bless